The Organizational Structure and Operational Responsibilities adopted by the TEC Board following approval by government in July 2012 is as follows:

Chief Executive Officer 

The Commission is headed by a Chief Executive Officer within whose office lies the responsibility for providing the framework within which the Tertiary Education Commission together with other relevant committees operate.

CEO’s Secretariat

The Secretariat guarantees administrative support to ensure daily operations run smoothly and efficiently in the Office of the Chief Executive of the Agency.


  • Office Manager
  • Human Resources and Budget Management Officer
  • Driver Messenger
  • Housekeeper to come from Cooperative

The Executive Team

The senior technical officers constitute the Executive Team led by the CEO. This Team is responsible for the performance agreement of the Commission and the outcomes it achieves. It is to provide advice on the Government's tertiary education priorities, and establish a Tertiary Education Strategy.

Sections and staffing:

  • Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation Section - Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Research, Strategy, and Planning Section - Principal Research Analyst
  • Financial Planning Section - Financial Analyst or Auditor.
  • Programme Development Section - Programme (Curriculum) Development Officer

Diagrammatically the structure of the Commission is as follows:

About us

TEC is responsible for tertiary education and to co-ordinate the sustainable and harmonized development of tertiary education nationally.



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