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TEC’s role is to ensure that educational standards are maintained, national policies are implemented, and a regulatory framework for the tertiary sector is created.  

TEC has to administer this framework to ensure that expansion and rationalization of the tertiary education sector can take place according to set criteria and that those who provide education and training are held accountable.  

Hence the core business of TEC are:

  • To protect learners
  • Safeguard the interests of stakeholders
  • Establish the confidence of industry and society
  • Fulfill the needs of the country.

As per the law which set up the Commission, TEC’s work has three main roles: 

  • A regulatory role: It will hold providers and their owners accountable for the implementation of regulations and policies.
  • A recommending role: It will formulate proposals for the development of tertiary education for submission to the appropriate authority/ies.
  • An advisory role: It will advise the Minister on the preparation of further legislation on tertiary education.


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About us

TEC is responsible for tertiary education and to co-ordinate the sustainable and harmonized development of tertiary education nationally.



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